Monday, October 25, 2010

Countdown to China

We leave in two days, that is, Wednesday morning very early. The flight leaves at 7:15am, but we have to be at the airport much earlier than that, of course. There is no way I can get everything done between now and then that I need/want to get done. And there are still several events between now and then that I have to attend. Prison tonight. CWC Clergy brunch tomorrow morning. Lotus Sutra class tomorrow evening. Somewhere in there I need to pack, finish newsletter mailing, get newsletter up on the web site, and general odds and ends of office-y stuff.

I'm planning to take my laptop with me, even though it's a pain. I figure it will be good to be able to check e-mail, post to facebook and/or here, and keep people in general updated on where I am and what I'm doing. Kyogen is talking about putting up a map on facebook to show people where we are. Alas, I cannot take my camera. I ordered a replacement battery for it online, and it goes dead after about 7 photos. It's not going to be useful to me to have to recharge my camera battery every 7 photos. So I'm just not going to take it. Maybe Kyogen will loan me some of the pix he takes. Maybe I'll take some pix of the teachers, as well as our fellow travelers. At some point (probably not until I get back) I will return one of the two batteries I ordered, requesting a refund and complaining about the quality of the merchandise. The price was great, and now I know why.

But I digress. And there are still many things to do this afternoon before I head off to Coffee Creek for prison services. So off I go to do them.


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