Friday, July 02, 2010

Prison work blips

The woman in charge of our prison program is in the hospital. She has been on chemo, and now has had surgery for a bowel obstruction. She's doing well, but it throws a monkey wrench into our schedule. We're all working with it the best we can. She's due to go home in the next few days, but she is obviously not going to OSP in Salem on Tuesday evening, no matter how well she is recovering. So that means either I will go or another guy will take it. Once she gets home, she will take charge of reorganizing the schedule to fit with her chemo, which of course has been disrupted by all of this.

Tonight, another woman who was scheduled to go in to Coffee Creek with me is not coming because she's been asked to assist with an end of life vigil at Providence. So I'll be doing this class by myself. It's the second class of a series on a book that I've not read before, Sharon Salzberg's Lovingkindness.

I figured we'd have the book in our Center library, but it turns out we don't. So I began to cast about for a place to pick up the book, and went through a bunch of rigamarole to get one this morning from Powell's. I had to go to the Burnside store downtown, always a dangerous proposition. It's very difficult to just go in there and get the one book you need, after coming all that way. I mean, might as well check out the Gold Room (mysteries and SF) while I'm there, right?

Well, I found the book I wanted at a very good price, and then also got a few more, most also at very good prices. I got a bag full of books for under $40, and they'll keep me going for a while. Two of the books were ones I've already read, and want to add to my stash of places I like to revisit, and one of those was only 75 cents!

Anyway, I've now reserved my Zipcar for tonight, and have read and copied and highlighted the chapter for tonight, so I'm probably as ready as I'll ever be. And pretty soon I need to check the bread in the oven -- should be just about done. Then dinner, and then I'll head out to Coffee Creek. Should be fun.


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