Sunday, July 26, 2009

Got through it

We had the ceremony for monk leaving/lay disciple entering this morning. I was jisha, and had lines, actually just one repeated three times. This morning before sitting my emotions finally came up, and I had a bit of a crying jag, but got through the service okay. It was a bit hard, and still feels hard, but it's moving along, and there's good support.

This afternoon I'm supposed to be working on my seminary paper, and am basically lying on the couch with my computer trying to stay relatively cool. I have thoughts of going to the (air-conditioned) library, going out to eat at an air-conditioned restaurant nearby, where I have a gift card that I've never bothered to use -- this may be a good occasion to use it finally.

I do have plenty of mysteries to read, and no reason to go to the library to read them or get more books out, but it's a nice cool place to hang out for a while. I suppose others may have the same idea, though. And of course there's the whole question of getting there -- my thought is bicycling, which would be faster and ultimately cooler than walking, I think, but still would involve some exertion. However, I know this house will keep getting hotter (there's a window in the kitchen that we can't seem to close), and so pretty soon it may make a lot of sense just to leave for a while and come back later in the evening when (hopefully) the temperature begins to drop.

So, maybe I'll just stay here and veg out at least for a while.


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