Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sounds of a Silent Sesshin - Rohatsu 2008

wake-up bell, hahn, densho
sanzen bells
coughing, sneezing, clearing throats
my teacher and I in stereo across the zendo
60 pairs of feet on the heated bamboo floor
first slow, then fast
toilets flushing
bodies bowing
60 pairs of knees hitting the floor
teacups clattering overturned
chant leader
mokugyo, gongs
sonorous chanting from 60 throats
swish of robes, flip-flop of footwear, processing in the hallway
meal gong
drum, clappers
meal chant
muffled clatter of oryoki bowls, chopsticks, spoons
being unwrapped and placed
the unmistakable sound of a chopstick hitting the floor
food bowls and condiments being passed
(food plentiful and delicious)
work practice
work assignments (cutting blackberries with Holly)
kitchen chopping
sewing machine
fluorescent lights hum
heating hiss
teachers in daily teisho
teachers in sanzen

comforting sounds
sounds of caring, sounds of home
weaving between, among, through, around

oceans and oceans vast and deep
of silence


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