Tuesday, August 21, 2007

cast and car, written Aug 6

I'm typing this one-handed because I have a cast on my left wrist almost to the elbow. The annual lay disciples' excursion to Oaks Park was a resounding success, in spite of the absence of one of the chief instigators (she *said* she was sick). After a great potluck dinner and schmoozing, we went on various rides (I managed to get two other people to ride the screamin' eagle with me) and generally had a good time. A few people left as it got later.

6 of us went into the skating rink. Three of us put on skates while the others watched. You guessed it -- I went down and landed on my wrist (then my butt, of course). Knocked the air out of me, and the wrist hurt a lot. There was a good first-aid lady there who put ice on it and eventually splinted it before we went home.

Today I drove my car (one-handed, like I'm doing everything these days) to get routine maintenance. It turns out to need a new clutch (111000 miles, I suppose it's entitled). Took public transit home, stopped at the library to return books and get more, had lunch with the family here, and then went to Kaiser. They X-rayed the wrist and weren't sure whether it was sprain or whether that might be a hairline crack in the wrist bone. I heard it both ways. Anyway, they put a cast on it, which actually feels better to me than the improvised splint and forst-aid sling I've been getting by on.

Haven't done my laundry yet, and am just in general doing everything more slowly than usual. But doing okay.

Enough, already.


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