Sunday, July 08, 2007

July 5, 2007 -- about July 4

I got back from Clatskanie yesterday evening, and it was still pretty warm. I had gone out a day early (that is, Tuesday early morning) to the monastery to try to join their marimba float, and got instruction and picked it up fast enough to do so! If that wasn't going to work, I would have joined the scratch band float (a first attempt this year) doing various sorts of percussion.

So yesterday I got instruction in the morning, and basically joined the monastic day, two work periods, meals, zazen in the evening, etc. I set up my tent out there for overnight, and then this morning had fun getting ready to go on the float. Played marimba like crazy in the parade, did a lot of walking trying to find everyone, got to see a lot of the entries in the parade -- it's a huge parade, who'd a thunk it, but evidently people come from all over to do this. Behind us were some ATVs, very loud, but they were courteous and backed off a bit to give us some space. And behind them was a log truck that occasionally blew its air horn, but usually between our numbers. It was lovely.

[This is a picture of the scratch band float.]

It was HOT. I had my SPF shirt on, and someone loaned me an SPF hat, which helped. I can't really do sunscreen because it messes with my eyes, even if I don't put it on my face. So I try to stay out of the sun and if I have to be out for a while like today, I cover up. Only problem is that it is just that much hotter. And doing music always makes me warmer anyway. By the time the parade ended and we got to the park, I was just really feeling overheated. So I went and got a bottle of ice water and found a nice quiet place by the river under the trees and lay down for a bit. It was nice.

Went back to the monastery for the annual pan-Buddhist picnic in the afternoon, and had a potluck dinner that couldn't be beat -- I wasn't be hungry again until tnis morning. They grilled tofu dogs and burgers, buns, had all the traditional potato, pasta, three-bean, tabouli salads, yummy desserts (I sampled four of them). When I was quite full, I simply lay down on a couch in the midst of everything and took a nap. Come to think of it, that's where I napped Tuesday afternoon too (my tent wasn't up yet).

After I woke up I found myself unenthusiastic about joining in any further outdoor games or frivolity, so hung out for a little while indoors, and finally took my leave. Came home, walked down to the Dharma House where it's cooler to check e-mail and such, and finally went home to bed, with fans, wet washcloth, all my coping mechanisms, and it all worked fine. Got a good night's sleep. Yes, the fireworks were loud, but they really didn't bother me. I could definitely tell the difference between those bought locally and set off in the neighborhood and the "real" ones down at the waterfront. I could almost imagine that I heard some from Sellwood to the south and maybe Vancouver to the north. There is definitely a deeper tone to those. Anyway, just drifted off to sleep with no worries.

I have the house to myself again. MrK and his wife Yoan who live in the basement have gone out to stay at the monastery for the month of July. Their animals have been farmed out to various people (Yoan asked whether I'd like to watch their cat here, but I decided I wasn't sure enough of whether I might take off during this month and wanted to keep that option open). It's a big house for one person, but there are some nice things about being the only one living there. I began reclaiming the kitchen this morning, doing a fair bit of cleaning. It's not all done, and I'll do more tomorrow morning when it's cool. But it all helps.


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